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Preventative care from Parvari MK MD helps you take control of your health care with frequent exams. From physicals and vaccinations to specialized exams, you'll stay on top your health with assistance from a knowledgeable team with over 30 years of experience.

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  • Preventative counseling, exams, and     physicals

  • Vaccinations

  • Lab work

  • Women's health exams

  • Men's health exams

  • And more

General preventative services

  • Heart exams

  • Lung exams

  • Head, neck, and extremities exams

  • Abdominal exams

  • Neurological exams

  • Dermatological exams

Specialized preventative services

Learning about ways to be healthier is a great place to start improving your health. Look to Dr. Parvari for the in-depth counseling you need to make the best changes and decisions for your lifestyle.

Expert counseling to improve your health

Preventative care for better health

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